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© 2019 by Füella.


I am honored that my bio and pretty little curls made you curious about experiencing a moment with me.

"So what does a moment with you look like, Füella?", you rightfully ask. ;)

As much as I'd love to be specific, the truth is that it will greatly depend on how we vibe together as partners. I am a go-with-the-flow kinda girl and if you are on the same wavelenght as me (and I truly hope you are), everything is possible!

I have a multifaceted personality when it comes to sexuality and intimacy: one minute I can be the sweetest, most caring lover you've ever been with, the next I am your hottest fantasy came to life, sometimes I am both these persons at once, that's because they are both part of who I am. I enjoy diving in to super deep and meaningful conversations with you, just like I love exploring an equally deep and meaningful intimacy with you. That doesn't mean it has to be vanilla (at all!) ;), although I love both the vanilla and the non-vanilla aspects of sexuality. More than anything, I crave real connexions and shared pleasure, in whatever form it comes. 

I genuinely love to love, and boy do I got a lot of love to give! It doesn't matter to me what your experience or background is, whichever flaws you think you have - that's not what I see when I look at you, and I promise you one thing, it's that you will be seen. In me you will find the partner that you need: whether it be the lover, the healer, the friend, the kinkster, the partner in crime or the sparker of joy. :)


As you may or may not know, I am not big on labels, but in order to make this easy for you, yes, my service is "GFE" - with everything that it entails. My rates are in compensation for my time and there are no extra fees for whatever activity we consent upon doing during our time together. 


I am pretty open-minded, however I'm not the kind of person to do intimacy with a checklist, so if there is a specific "extra-GFE" activity that you need to have done during our session in order to be satisfied, we may not be a perfect match. I do enjoy a lot of different practices and everything is a possibility when we are together, however it's impossible for me to tell if I will consent to do that one specific thing you want before I ever meet you. 


Do feel comfortable letting me know what your likes are upon booking - the more I know, the better I can mentally and/or physically prepare for our rendezvous; I simply ask you to be ready to let it go if the answer is no.

About consent: If for whatever reason, I don't feel comfortable during a meeting, my consent can be revoked at any time. Also important to know, because we did something one time does not mean it will happen every time.

One small tip: the more respectful and kind you are to me, the more I will like you. The more I like you, the likelier you are to get the most generous and giving version of me. ;) 


Men, oral (both ways), kissing, deep french kissing, deep... yeah you guessed it ;), feeling, touching, luvin', good communication, protected PIV, impeccable hygiene (yas, a girl LOVES that!), sexual health awareness, threesomes, more-somes ;p, men, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sex clubs/parties, consent, men, women... Oh, and also, did I mention I love men?  ;D

Conditional Likes:

Fingering, rimming, golden showers, CIM, smooth & consensual power dynamics.

Hard boundaries:

Bareback - that is a big, hard, non-negotiable, say-it-louder-for-the-people-in-the-back, Noooooooo. Not for you, not with your test results from 3 minutes ago, not today, not tomorrow, not in a million years. So drop it. K? thanks - choking, bondage, intense dom-sub dynamics (I am not a dom nor do I enjoy being roughed around by strangers in bed), anything to do with scat (not to be judgemental, but ew), name-calling, biting, spitting, pain.

Soft boundaries:


*A land that can only be visited if offer the trip (with emphasis on "I").

Curious about:

Pegging (ask about my equipment!), devotee fetish, other fetishes (maybe... question mark?). Ask about my fantasies if you're curious. ;)