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© 2019 by Füella.


Sacred Venusian figure of the sensorial mythology that is half woman, half goddess and that manifests when one is truly ready to see their world ignite.

Hello, hi!


I am happy to welcome you on to my new and improved website that I made with an extra dose of love to match the new and improved version of... Well, me! :)


Whether you are a trusted or a potential lover, it seems like a (re)introduction is in order after such a big change, doesn't it? :)


You may have heard about me under a different name before, and I'm here to tell you to forget everything you've ever heard about me, 'cause if I was good before, things just got a hell of a lot better. 

I've been known as the industry's little firecracker, and while that was pretty accurate before - I do love to make sparks fly! - over the last few months, I have developed somewhat of a quieter, subtler and stronger force. 

Think about that flame you have inside that you wish you were exploiting to its full potential, make it bigger and brighter, you know that fire that lights up inside you and make your soul shine through when you feel excited, hot, so wildly full of life and so delightfully sexual? I know you know what I'm talking about, because I know your kind. Wanna know why? 


Because my dear sir, I am the fuel to your flame. 


My name is Füella, and I'm about setting your fire free. 



How's that sound? Good, doesn't it? Let me just tell you that's nothing compared to how it's going to make you feel. 


Just sayin'. ;p


So who am I? I'm a 5'3, well-maintained 30 years-wise pocket-size format of tireless energy, burning passion and peaceful strength. I'm all about personal growth, physical and mental wellness, spirituality, astrology (yes, yes, I am one of those ;p), music, arts, entrepreneurship, getting out of my comfort zone, good people and good vibes,  redefining social norms, deep intimacy, awesome chemistry and, of course, meaningful sexuality. ;D

Random facts about me: Cancer (July 18), Earth Snake, happily sober, vegetarian, fire red hair, snake tattoo, hourglass figure, gorgeous (but dangerously sharp) nails, 8 shoe size, absolutely love black clothing, cute little haircut down the Y, awesome kisser, and yes I do still believe in shaving my armpits. :p

I think that sums it up for now! Anything else you'd like to know? Ask away!

Un aperçu

(Real) Age  30  Height  5'3 

Body type  Hedonistical athletic

Eyes  Hazel  Hair  Currently red

Origins  Québécoise  Bust  36C  

Tattoos  A few  Piercings  Nose

Distinctive Feature  One-armed since birth 

Alcohol  No (but tolerant)  

420  Nope (also tolerant)

Cigarette  Nah  Drugs  Nuh-uh

Shoe Size  8  

Clothing/Lingerie Size  Medium

Favorite Clothing Color  Black

Favorite Kind of Food  Vegetarian or vegan

Favorite Drinks  Sparkling water, coffee(!)

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